spicy Hot & Spicy

Lunch Special

From 11:00-3:00 (Except Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
Included: Choice of appetizers: Shrimp Shumai (4) or Cheese Wonton (2) or Mini Spring Roll (2) or Chicken Satay (2)
Served Jasmine Rice or Brown Rice or Vegetable Fried Rice

L1. Pad Thaispicy
(Shrimp / Chicken / Vegetable)
The most famous village Thai noodle stir fried with egg, bean sprouts, bean curd, scallions, ground peanut on the side.
L2. Drunken Noodlesspicy
(Chicken / Beef / Vegetable)
Broad rice noodle with onions, scallion, bean sprouts & fresh basil.
L3. Pad Woosen
Stir fried glass noodle with chicken and shrimp and vegetable in light brown sauce.
L4. Pad See Yu
(Chicken / Beef)
with Broad Rice noodle and bell peppers, onions, scallions, bean sprouts stirred in egg and darkin soy sauce.
L5. Thai Rice Noodlespicy
Thin rice noodle with chicken and shrimp stir fried with pepper, red onion, dry bean curd, bean sprout & egg.
L6. Spicy Basil Fried Ricespicy
(Chicken / Beef / Vegetable)
with chili paste, red peppers, scallion, onions, and fresh basil.
L7. Coconut Fried Rice
Chef's special fried coconut rice with shrimp, chicken, string beans, onions, eggs, peas& carrots, topped lettuce.
L8. Curry Fried Ricespicy
(Chicken / Shrimp / Vegetable)
Red pepper, onions, peas, carrot and curry paste.
L9. Basilspicy
(Chicken / Beef / Shrimp)
Stir fried with chili paste, peppers, broccoli, onion, mushrooms, string bean, sugar snapeas and fresh basil leaves.
L10. Mango
(Tofu / Chicken)
Stir fried with fresh mango, basil, red onion, pepper, fresh basil & famous mango sauce
L11. Ginger
(Chicken / Beef)
Stir Fried with Pepper, Onions, Carrots, celery, Mushroom and Sweet Ginger.
L12. Lemon Grassspicy
(Chicken / Beef / Shrimp / Squid)
Stir fried w. peppers onions, mushrooms, celery, carrots, bamboo shoots in lemon grass sauce.
L13. Delicious Spicy spicyspicy
(Chicken / Beef / Squid)
Bell peppers, red onions, chili paste, celery, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and spicy brown sauce.
L14. Chicken String Beanspicy
(Gai Pad Prik King)
Stir fried chicken with string beans and basil leaves, bell peppers w. red curry paste.
L15. Thai Chicken Cashew Nutsspicy
(Gai Pad Mat Ma Moon)
Stir fried chicken with cashew nuts, onions, celery, baby corn, bell peppers, mushroom, pineapple & zucchini.
L16. Gai Ta Krai
Grilled chicken breast marinated with lemon grass paste and served over a bed of braised onions, scallion, ginger and black bean sauce.
L17. Panang Curry (Vegetable / Chicken)spicy
Bell peppers, onions, sugar snap peas, string bean, bamboo shoots, & fresh basil leaves.
L18. Green Curry (Vegetable / Chicken)spicy
Eggplant, bell peppers, onions, sugar snap peas, string bean, bamboo shoots & fresh basil leaves.
L19. Yellow Curryspicy
(Tofu / Chicken / Vegetable)
Potato, eggplant, sugar snap peas, string bean, fried tofu in special yellow curry sauce.
L20. Goong Malayspicy
Shrimp cooked in thick red curry with bell peppers, onions, pineapple, bamboo shoots & Thai basil.
L21. Beef with Thai Black Bean Sauce
(Neua Num Mu Hoy)
Sauteed beef in black bean sauce with scallions, mushrooms, and ginger, served over spinach.
L22. Thai Grill Steak
Grill Steak w. Spinach, Mushroom & Bell Pepper with Red Vinegar Sauce
L23. Scallop with Mixed Vegetables and Black bean sauce 7.99
L24. Grill Pork Chopspicy
Stired Fried Red Pepper, Onion, scallion, chili pepper & basil leaves with spicy sauce
L25. Stir Fried Pork
Grill Pork and Stir Fried with Mushrooms, celery, Onion, Peppers, Bamboo Shoots, Basil Leaves in Delicious House Sauce.
L26. Sweet Kiss Chickenspicy
Chicken stir fried with red peppers, onions& scallions w. sweet and spicy sauce.
L27. Stir Fried String Beanspicy
String beans, bell peppers, onions, scallion & house special brown sauce.
L28. Eggplant with Sweet Basilspicy
Eggplant, scallion, bean curd, basil leaves and chili paste in brown sauce.
L29. Eggplant with Thai Garlic Saucespicy
Eggplant, bell peppers, onions w. Thai garlic sauce.
L30. Phatt Ruom Mitt
Sauteed mixed vegetables with bean curd in brown sauce.
L31. Stir Fry with Garlic Sauce spicyspicy
Red & Green Pepper, Bamboo Shot, celery, string bean, carrot, Broccoli, Sugar Snap Pea, Choice of: Chicken, Eggplant.
L32. General Tso's chickenspicy 7.99
L33. Hunan Crispy Chicken spicyspicy
Green & Red Pepper, Mushroom, Zucchini, Broccoli, Sugar Snap Pea, string bean, baby corn, Carrot with Hunan Spicy Sauce.
L34. Honey Crispy Walnut Chickenspicy
Deepfry Crispy Chicken with Roasted Walnut, Red & Green Pepper, Zucchini, Honey Chili Sauce
L35. Buddha's Feastspicy
Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, Lotus Root, Mushroom, Sugar Snap, Carrot with Fusion Brown Sauce.
L36. Golden Corn
Savor Garlic White Sauce Sauteed with Corn, Shrimp, Shredded Chicken, Small Pieces of Carrots and peas.